Tiaong Water District
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Tel. No.: 042-545 9170
Fax No.: 042-545 6520
Mobile No.: 0922 864 9318

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Holiday

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Water District History
Tiaong Water District was created thru Municipal Resolution No. 68 which was passed on November 19, 1980 by the local government of Tiaong, Quezon. This resolution gave the water district full control and administration of the waterworks operations in the municipality in accordance with P.D. 198 better known as the “Local Water Utilities Act of 1973” as amended by P.D. Nos. 768 and 1479.
Tiaong Water District was issued the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) on May 4, 1981 by the Local Water Utilities Administration which enabled it to operate under standard specifications.

The first source of water of Tiaong Water was a spring from a Mountain in Ayusan II. The quantity from the spring could not sustain the increasing demand of concessionaires. Therefore to improve the Quantity and Quality of Water, the District Develop a new source, Ayusan, Lusacan and Lagalag Pumping Station which began its operation on 2001, 2005 and 2009 respectively. Tiaong Water District develop new source of water at Ayusan II Pumping Station on November 2012 that replace Ayusan Pumping Station.

At present, Tiaong Water is a Category C Water District. Ninety Six percent or 4,589 of its present 4,786 active concessionaires is classified as residential and the rest is commercial. The present service area of the district is divided into fifteen (15) zones within the town of Tiaong, Quezon. The Tiaong Water District has served 19 Barangay out of 31 Barangay (61%) of Municipality of Tiaong.
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